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SMASHING Education provides medical educational courses for undergraduate and postgraduate trainees. The premier faculty consists of experienced lecturers, clinicians, OSCE examiners and exam question writers.

SMASHING Education | MRCS Course | MRCS Part A Revision course | MRCS Part B Revision Course | Mr Sanjeev Pathak

SMASHING Education aims to help you pass the exam!

| SMASHING Education:

  • Proven track record in teaching and candidates succeeding!

  • Understand the Exam!

  • Structured teaching!

  • Simplification of facts! 

Our Part A delegates pass with an average mark over 80% after completing the 3 day revision course paired with the Mock MCQ day.
 Almost all of our Part B delegates pass first time after completing the knowledge refresher and OCSE courses. 


MRCS Part A January 2022 Postponed - Update

The Intercollegiate Committee for Basic Surgical Examinations (ICBSE) has released a new statement on the 2022 exam timetable for the MRCS Part A.

There will be two MRCS Part A exams in 2022, on the following dates:

Tuesday 10 May 2022
Tuesday 13 September 2022 

From May 2022, the MRCS Part A exam will be in-person with a test centre approach. There will be test centres available to candidates both in the UK and Ireland, and internationally. ICBSE and the four surgical royal colleges will provide further information in early 2022 so that candidates are sufficiently prepared.


Our Previous International MRCS Attendees 


SMASHING Education MRCS Courses

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| MRCS Part A Courses

 > MRCS Part A 3-day Hybrid Revision Course
| Online via Zoom
| Physical attendance, Sheffield, UK

> MRCS Part A - Interactive Mock MCQ day
| Online via Zoom

| MRCS Part B courses

 > MRCS Surgical Anatomy & Pathology 2 Day Revision Course
| Online via Zoom

>  MRCS Part B 2 day Oral OSCE's
| Online via Zoom

> MRCS Part B  Anatomy OSCE with specimens

| Physical attendance, Sheffield, UK