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Sheffield Medical & Surgical Healthcare Intensive Group

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SMASHING Education provides medical educational courses for undergraduate and postgraduate trainees. The premier faculty consists of experienced lecturers, clinicians, OSCE examiners and exam question writers.

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Testimonial from previous candidate after completing both

MRCS Part A and Part B courses with SMASHING Education

Part A testimonial


Mr Pathak is a fantastic teacher, he lays things out in a way which is easy to actually understand and sticks in your memory much better as a result than simply just trying to memorise facts. The course covered everything I needed to pass the exam, and the only revision strategy I used afterwards was going back over the notes I'd made during the course. 

Another excellent point about the Part A course I felt was the supportive and encouraging atmosphere throughout the whole weekend. Everyone is encouraged to think out loud and have a go at questions, without any pressure or judgement. 

The venues used for the course were very comfortable and the catering was excellent, which is always a bonus!

Part B Testimonial

The Part B course was absolutely brilliant, and I am so convinced attending the course played a massive role in me passing the exam. The days are structured really well, so you never feel like you are wasting time and everything feels high-yield and directly related to the exam. 

The anatomy lab day was absolutely invaluable and I would recommend it to anyone. The cadaveric samples are extremely well-prepared and the questions and explanations provided by Mr Pathak were the biggest help in getting me ready for the anatomy stations. 

Another highlight was the chance to practice a critical care station with a genuine consultant intensivist. As was always the case on the course, the atmosphere was incredibly supportive and non-judgemental, but it provided a benchmark of the intensity and level of questioning in the real exam. It felt terrifying while I was doing it, but the effect on my confidence and performance in the real station was incredible. 

I can't recommend the courses highly enough, I think anyone considering sitting the exam should book a place, they really do make such a massive difference.


Our Previous International MRCS Attendees 


MRCS Part A results - April 2021


We are proud to announce that one of our delegates who attended our March 2021 course, has passed MRCS Part A at the 1st attempt with the highest mark (96%) and the 3rd highest in the World. - Junior Research Fellow, Sheffield


Congratulations from SMASHING Education.

SMASHING Education has an average pass rate of over 80% after delegates completing the 3 day revision course paired with the Mock MCQ day.

 Almost all of our Part B delegates pass first time after completing the knowledge refresher and OCSE courses. 



SMASHING Education MRCS Courses

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| MRCS Part A Courses

 > MRCS Part A 3-day Revision Course
| Physical attendance:
Sheffield, UK
Belfast, NI

> MRCS Part A - Interactive Mock MCQ day
| Online via Zoom

| MRCS Part B courses

 > MRCS Surgical Anatomy & Pathology 2 Day Revision Course
| Online via Zoom

>  MRCS Part B 2 day Oral OSCE's
| Physical attendance, Sheffield, UK

> MRCS Part B  Anatomy OSCE with specimens

| Physical attendance, Sheffield, UK

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