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Sheffield Medical & Surgical Healthcare Intensive Group

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SMASHING Education provides medical educational courses for undergraduate and postgraduate trainees. The premier faculty consists of experienced lecturers, clinicians, OSCE examiners and exam question writers.

SMASHING Education MRCS average pass rates 
> MRCS Part A: Over 80%
> MRCS Part B: Over 90%

SMASHING Education | MRCS Course | MRCS Part A Revision course | MRCS Part B Revision Course | Mr Sanjeev Pathak

SMASHING Education MRCS Courses

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| MRCS Part A Courses

 > MRCS Part A 3-day Attendance Revision Course
| Sheffield, UK 

> MRCS Part A - Interactive Mock MCQ day
| Online via Zoom

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| MRCS Part B 5 day course

 > MRCS Surgical Anatomy, Pathology & Physiology 2 Day Revision Course
| Online via Zoom

>  MRCS Part B 2 day Oral OSCE's
| Sheffield, UK

> MRCS Part B  Anatomy OSCE with specimens

| Sheffield, UK


Testimonials from previous candidate after completing both

MRCS Part A and Part B courses with SMASHING Education

Mr T Murray Wow, what a difference a year makes. This time last year I was staring down the barrel revising for my 6th and final attempt of the MRCS Part A. 1 year and two simply superb SMASHING Education courses later – I’ve completed MRCS. Words simply cannot describe how grateful I am to both Mr Pathak and Safeena for their expertise, help and support during this extremely stressful period. Both courses are a cut-above the rest. In the past, I have subscribed to other online-courses and question banks yet still struggled with Part A. What makes Smashing Education different is that it targets high yield topics, is interactive and most importantly has Mr Pathak. Mr Pathak’s way of teaching is learner-centre, and utilises interactive and participative methods. Not only this, he uses his own knowledge and experience to break-down core principles into digestible and understandable chunks to the point where you feel yourself having those eureka moments asking yourself “how on earth is such a simple concept made to seem so complicated in the text books?!”. The Part A course is not focussed on rote learning like other courses out there, this is focussed on giving you the tools to fully understand the core surgical principles examined in the Part A and in practice. As a result, I have found myself utilising the knowledge gained every day in my own practice, in my clinical decision making and also when educating my peers and medical students on the wards. The MCQ day is invaluable, with significant attention to detail with regards to how questions are written, what they are testing and how exam technique is fundamental in passing the exam. The Part B course was equally invaluable. The course is spread over 6 weeks, giving you time to digest and learn key anatomy, pathology and ACCS principles before being tested via mock OSCEs close to the date of the exam. You can tell that Mr Pathak and Safeena has spent a great deal of time reviewing their course content and identifying the high yield topics of examination. The delivery of information is slick, efficient and most importantly memorable. The Anatomy and OSCE days are superb. Having access to prosections, along with Mr Pathak’s teaching makes anatomy so much easier to remember and explain. The OSCE day with practice ACCS stations with Dr Groves and communication stations with Edmund were extremely useful in understanding the layout of the examination as well as how to present your answers. There was also time set aside for constructive feedback that allowed all candidates to reflect and identify gaps in their skillset/knowledge. I felt that the Part B course not only gave me the knowledge, but also insight into how the stations will be run and how you will be tested. The course gave me the tools to present my answers succinctly and professionally. As a result, when walking into the college on exam day I felt completely prepared and confident in my own ability to pass. Trust the process, trust the course, it works and I can assure you, you won't be disappointed with the end result.

Mr J Corkerry Part A testimonial " Mr Pathak is a fantastic teacher, he lays things out in a way which is easy to actually understand and sticks in your memory much better as a result than simply just trying to memorise facts. The course covered everything I needed to pass the exam, and the only revision strategy I used afterwards was going back over the notes I'd made during the course.  Another excellent point about the Part A course I felt was the supportive and encouraging atmosphere throughout the whole weekend. Everyone is encouraged to think out loud and have a go at questions, without any pressure or judgement.  The venues used for the course were very comfortable and the catering was excellent, which is always a bonus! ​ Part B Testimonial The Part B course was absolutely brilliant, and I am so convinced attending the course played a massive role in me passing the exam. The days are structured really well, so you never feel like you are wasting time and everything feels high-yield and directly related to the exam.  The anatomy lab day was absolutely invaluable and I would recommend it to anyone. The cadaveric samples are extremely well-prepared and the questions and explanations provided by Mr Pathak were the biggest help in getting me ready for the anatomy stations.  Another highlight was the chance to practice a critical care station with a genuine consultant intensivist. As was always the case on the course, the atmosphere was incredibly supportive and non-judgemental, but it provided a benchmark of the intensity and level of questioning in the real exam. It felt terrifying while I was doing it, but the effect on my confidence and performance in the real station was incredible.  I can't recommend the courses highly enough, I think anyone considering sitting the exam should book a place, they really do make such a massive difference.

Miss V Knox “I did both MRCS A and B courses with SMASHING Education and I can honestly say it was worth it’s weight in gold and more! I was lost where to start revision for both exams and these courses gave me focus, direction, incredible tips and tricks and knowledge I simply wouldn’t have picked up from books or revising alone. Part A was a fantastic course with Sanjeev providing easy to remember acronyms and making even the most difficult of topics fun and engaging. The team were always approachable, never judgemental and consistently encouraging and positive making it such a safe environment to learn in (they were even contactable and willing to answer queries or questions leading up to the exam!) I couldn’t have done it without them! Part B was very nerve wracking but once again SMASHING Education calmed us all and provided a fantastic comprehensive course for all aspects of the exam. It is an intense course but it covers everything you need to know which is a feat in itself!! Yet you feel looked after throughout with rest breaks and refreshments to keep you going! The actors used in the practice sessions were just brilliant and reflecting back now the scenarios we covered felt exactly like my real examination! A huge perk of this course was getting to know a wonderful group of people who I then revised with for the exam, some of them I am still very good friends with! I passed both part A and part B with the amazing knowledge and support of smashing education and would honestly recommend their courses to everyone!”

Mr M Crank " Dear Sanjeev and Safeena, Thank you both so much! I struggled for years with MRCS part A. On my penultimate permissible attempt I reached out to Mr Pathak and through SMASHING Education’s courses had PASSED both MRCS Part A AND MRCS Part B within 9 months! ✅️ Superb structure, ✅️ Focussed on high yield topics with robust aide-memoirs and ✅️ Great exam technique advice along with excellent support from Safeena makes this course a “must do” for those sitting the exam. Thank you both once again. " Mr M Crank

MRCS Part A results - April 2021


We are proud to announce that one of our delegates who attended our March 2021 course, has passed MRCS Part A at the 1st attempt with the highest mark (96%) and the 3rd highest in the World. - Junior Research Fellow, Sheffield


Congratulations from SMASHING Education.

Our Previous International MRCS Attendees 

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