MRCS Part B Revision and
Preparation courses

The MRCS Part B  preparation courses are suitable for delegates who have successfully completed the MRCS Part A examination. 
The OCSE courses will cover the contents examined in all stations. Each delegate will be examined for 9 minutes  whilst being observed by other delegates. Constructive feedback will be given. Time will be available for group discussion too, we would strongly encourage delegates to be interactive. 

Please note, there will be no teaching on the OCSE courses, if you need to refresh your knowledge, we would highly recommend you attend the Anatomy & Pathology revision courses.

MRCS Part B OSCE Prep Courses: Oral Examiners

Oral examinations will be conducted by:
1.  Mr Sanjeev Pathak:
(Current FRCS Urology Part A MCQ Writer, ex-Anatomy Examiner, University of Oxford)
2. Male and female professional actors:
(ex-MRCS Part B simulated patients) *
3. Consultant Intensivist: 
(ex-MRCS Part B Examiner) *
4. Consultant General & Upper GI Surgeon:
(FRCS General Surgery Part A MCQ Writer) *
            * subject to availability 

Click here for more information about Mr Sanjeev Pathak, Course Director & Educator.

MRCS Part B: Reviews


I didn’t have much exposure of what the MRCS part B would be like as there aren't many people who take this exam in Malaysia. 

This course, definitely gave me a flavour of what the exam would be like and what to expect. 

There is variety of subjects, and I am able to see my weakness which helped me focus my study. 

My questions were answered and explained well.


Level of interaction is good. I never felt excluded from the discussions. 

I was a bit shy to ask questions, as I didn’t want to sound silly (during the anatomy and pathology refreshment course) but there is a level of comfort and genuine-ness to help me by the faculty. It made things easier. 

Both the Consultant Anaesthetist and professional actor , was fantastic. I feel more prepared now. 


Post exam feedback: 

Lots of the scenarios from the course came up in my exam. Mr Pathak gave me lots of tips and phrases to say which I used in the exam. 

Medical Officer, Malaysia
MRCS Part B 2-Day OCSE prep course
Live Online | 
September 2021

Suitable for
February 2022 Examination: 

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  MRCS Surgical Anatomy & Pathology
Revision Course
| 2 days Online

| Focused Part B teaching in line with MRCS Part B syllabus 
| Brush up on your knowledge
| Easy mnemonics
| Interactive and engaging
| Delivered by Mr Pathak

Surgical Anatomy & Surgical Pathology

| Saturday 18th to 19th December 2021

| 2 days: Live Online

| Price: £150

| Places available: 30


MRCS Part B OSCE's: Communication, Critical Care & Pathology
| 2 days Online

| Oral OSCE examinations under simulated exam conditions
| With feedback and tips 
| Examined by Professional actors, Consultant Intensivist, Consultant General Surgeon and Mr Pathak

OSCE's Communication, Critical Care & Pathology 

| Saturday 22nd to 23rd January 2022

| 2 days: Live Online 

| Price: £300

| Places available: 16


MRCS Part B OSCE's: Anatomy & Practical Skills
| 1 day Attendance: Sheffield, UK

| Oral OSCE examinations under simulated exam conditions
| Anatomical Specimens, bones and radiological imaging 
| With feedback and tips
| Examined by Mr Pathak

OSCE's Surgical Anatomy & Practical Skills 

| Saturday 29th January 2022

| Attendance, Sheffield

| Price: £300

| Places available: 16