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SMASHING Education | MRCS Course | MRCS Part A Revision course | MRCS Part B Revision Course | Mr Sanjeev Pathak

We are sympathetically aware that surgical trainees are under immense pressure. They are clinically dedicated to their patients thus, often only getting time to study during the evening and weekends. Often, sacrificing time spent with their family and friends. Furthermore, we have all experienced the daunting feeling of opening textbooks after a busy day and becoming overwhelmed.

To alleviate all the pitfalls, we have assembled a dedicated premier faculty consisting of experienced Lecturers, Clinicians, OSCE examiners and FRCS exam question writers. The exam has a significant failure rate, let us save you the time, stress and money.

SMASHING Education aims to help you pass the exam!

| SMASHING Education:

  • Proven track record in teaching and candidates succeeding!

  • Understand the Exam!

  • Structured teaching!

  • Simplification of facts!

​​You will leave the course with confidence, energy and enthusiasm!

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MRCS Part A 

3 Day Revision Courses

| Online 

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MRCS Part B 


 Revision Course

| Online

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